Sikkim & Bhutan – 2

If you would like to read how all this started, please refer this post.

It has been hell of journey so far.

The flight was via Guwahati, hence we first landed in Guwahati which was succeeded by wait of almost 40 minutes.  Half an hour after the taking off from Guwahati we landed in Bagdogra. It’s an airforce station and civilians are not allowed to take any snaps.

Nevertheless we left the airport within 20 minutes of my landing as Insignia had already landed before me. As soon as you get out of airport building taxi drivers starts pestering you for hiring their taxi to go to Siliguri. We just avoided them because one can get bus on main road which is around 500 meters out of airport. However one taxi followed us and agreed on similar price as bus itself. We took this cab to Siliguri and reached bus stand.

Here our main test started as shared taxi drivers and touts don’t let you out of their sight even if you want to go by bus. That way Siliguri does not seem to any different tourist spot across India but touts are much more organised and even if you go to the ticket window, that guy there redirects you to touts

We avoided these touts and gathered that by that time (1730hrs) there was no bus to go Darjeeling.  We took a shared cab (Tata Sumo). They fit 10 passengers in it before starting. You can also hire whole cab for you. Although if you take shared taxi, keep in mind to sit in front or middle seats for obvious reasons.

Siliguri to Darjeeling is almost 2:30 hours to 03:00 hour drive because of hilly region. We got down near Mall Road and walked down. You easily can get decent room for 500-1000 bucks, of course there is no upper limit. We checked in a hotel and after putting our backpacks left for dinner to a near by restaurant. This place had nice ambiance and adequate menu along with bar. However If you are looking for varieties in dishes you can be disappointed. We were tired and wanted to take rest so finished light dinner and headed towards hotel.

Hotel where we had dinner!

Hotel where we had dinner!

To know about what we did in Darjeeling keep watching this place

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And the journey begins! – Sikkim & Bhutan 

Hey fellas, This tale is starting today as I am going to blog it live for you guys. Do enjoy and keep smiling!

Here I am finally boarding flight to Baghdogra. I have been contemplating going to Hongkong and Philippines for last more then two months. All preparation and visa requirements to be completed. Where all to go? Where to stay? All research and requests for hosting me. Love of people in Manila for hosting and meeting also showing me around.

It started to looking hazy when it took me three times to get accepted by Philippines Embassy in New Delhi. How ever after accepting the application,  consulate issued me Visa in three days. I felt excited to think of going to Philippines. I did not know there was more to come.

I called my friend (who was supposed to be my travel companion, insignia)to inform my Visa status and got information about how she had not received her passport back. We were supposed to fly out on April 24 to Hongkong means today.

After calling to her agent, We became skeptical of the journey altogether which led my heart to sink in……… By this time I received confirmation for our stay in Manila and we had been ready with expected itinerary, tickets, mind set and possibly every thing associated with it.

On 16th it had been discussed that we might not be able to go. So what next? I started to take appointment for work in adjacent dates because I was certainly not going to take a flight before 24th.

On 19th it was clear we are not going to Manila & Hongkong. Names of new destination started flying in mind and after thinking everything from A to Z we just jumped with joy and booked tickets to Bhutan. I had been informed that it’s off season but fellas… ready to know it’s just the season.

The last picture is to tease you for more till next Bhutan post.

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My wanderings! – The Idea


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Hi Folks,

You are looking at the not so ambitious idea of mine when I think I need to be there. Yeah, you heard it right. I understand if some of you have started thinking already that i am crazy. Well, thats normal reaction. I feel I was born so that I can travel and just travel

I know it sounds insane to most of you but however i have started my journey. I have some time and lots of regions to cover. When I thought I want to travel, of course first question was where to start? and after not thinking too much I realised I have already started and cover many parts of my own country, that is, of course, India.

Second part was to know how to classify the world so i can feel I have really travelled this planet and after not looking so much I found this website called These guys has done a job in putting a lot of information together for people like me. However I see they efforts are limited for the regions called third world. Nevertheless its probably best attempt so far by any website I have come across.

I am walking…and coming to your area one day, believe it or not…but I will…definitely. Or may I have already pass by. You will know that by my post to come.

Till then keep smiling, keep living!

When I thought of being with Colour Yellow!

It happened that night.

when I decide to go to Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminal, Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi (ISBT) and head to somewhere, not sure of where it will lead me.It is therapeutic to do it this way. Started from my base in outskirts of Delhi – NCT ( National Capital Territory) which took me handsome one and half hour to reach bus terminal by 10 I think. Travelling by Delhi Metro gives you ample time to be by your self especially in those hours when there is not much rush and still you can’t hear the PA announcement which goes on and on and on……in Metro.

All this time I should have been anxious according to normal people’s reaction and feedbacks however I dont know whats that in that duration. Not knowing becomes my solace. Can it not be?

I reach ISBT and see debris, sand and what nots of construction work and be notified of renovation of the Terminus. I make mental note to tell my self to get used to it, this country is developing country and in your life you won’t see a phase when you can’t spot any construction work around you in miles of distance. I find my way toward heard men, groups of women and fleet of bus of all sorts. A look at this scenario and you realise even automobile have caste, creed and associated hypocrisy as a Volvo multi-axle and normal TATA buses are parked side by side or may be its just my mind. Buses are covered with vomit, dirt, spit and similar ingredient which is making a new smell to engulf busses in it.

I walk towards these busses in hope of getting a bus which does not make my sense go haywire ( foolish me), I look around and read Amritsar on a yellow board. I can’t make out if this board had been yellow by birth of my habit ( of people, of course ). There a man surrounded by a group of people who are asking for the route of bus he is conducting. I approach to find a gap to get a ticket. I have decided to go Amritsar- City of Golden Temple.

I nudge a man who happens to be Sardar and request to make some room for me. I ask the conductor for a seat. He shrugged and replied there are many, no worries. I step back to wait for him to be free to buy a ticket from him which cost me few hundreds rupees. I am in no worry or hurry anymore, I enter the bus, although bus has announced its atmosphere even before I entered but one just can’t get all of it by just smelling a wine. The many type of smells thrust themselves in my head which I unsuccessfully try to fight. Few minutes in that ambiance and mind mind create its barriers and I start to relax by looking at the infra of bus. Engines give me a successful distraction normally. I make some mental note about condition of the bus the body language of the driver and conductor to assess how long is there to roll on the wheels. I am too lazy to ask them now.

In some time driver get into his place and engine gives me assurance its fine with its voice and. …..


P.S. This is part one of this story, if you wish to read further keep watching this place.