And the journey begins! – Sikkim & Bhutan 

Hey fellas, This tale is starting today as I am going to blog it live for you guys. Do enjoy and keep smiling!

Here I am finally boarding flight to Baghdogra. I have been contemplating going to Hongkong and Philippines for last more then two months. All preparation and visa requirements to be completed. Where all to go? Where to stay? All research and requests for hosting me. Love of people in Manila for hosting and meeting also showing me around.

It started to looking hazy when it took me three times to get accepted by Philippines Embassy in New Delhi. How ever after accepting the application,  consulate issued me Visa in three days. I felt excited to think of going to Philippines. I did not know there was more to come.

I called my friend (who was supposed to be my travel companion, insignia)to inform my Visa status and got information about how she had not received her passport back. We were supposed to fly out on April 24 to Hongkong means today.

After calling to her agent, We became skeptical of the journey altogether which led my heart to sink in……… By this time I received confirmation for our stay in Manila and we had been ready with expected itinerary, tickets, mind set and possibly every thing associated with it.

On 16th it had been discussed that we might not be able to go. So what next? I started to take appointment for work in adjacent dates because I was certainly not going to take a flight before 24th.

On 19th it was clear we are not going to Manila & Hongkong. Names of new destination started flying in mind and after thinking everything from A to Z we just jumped with joy and booked tickets to Bhutan. I had been informed that it’s off season but fellas… ready to know it’s just the season.

The last picture is to tease you for more till next Bhutan post.

Planning & Research Courtesy: Insignia

3 thoughts on “And the journey begins! – Sikkim & Bhutan 

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