Sikkim & Bhutan – 8

Hey folks, you read till now how we reached to zero point

Planning & Research : Insignia

Snow fall is something I like, Ok, I love it. So it was sort of euphoric pleasure which I derived. I did not want to leave that place, Alas! It was not meant to be and we resumed our journey.

As I mentioned earlier we pre- decided to stop in Yumthang Valley on the way back and we were in for a treat by Yak! Yes, when we came back to Yumthang, there were a lot of Yaks grazing in the open land. We stopped there and decided to have some fun,


Flowers & A lot of flowers!!

Flowers & A lot of flowers!!

IMG_2271 IMG_2275

After having some fun in Yumthang Valley, we resumed our journey to our next halt place which was Lachen. We need to come back down to Chumthang to change the route to go to Lachen. We spent whole remaining day on road and reached Lachen around evening time.

We left after checking in to our Hotel to visit village and I came to know about a local monastery. Due to late in evening it was closed, however we got to talk to locals and we could see the monastery’s outer walls which has stories in the form of painting and carvings.

Village Lachen!

Village Lachen!

We heard musical tunes were coming out of the house and we were to assumed it was a worship event because of the type of the music. We entered the house and asked the people what exactly was it and if we could see the event which turned out to be a house warming ceremony and spanning three days and to be performed 4 – 6 hours each day.

Worship!!This was the setup of the worship, they were reciting religious chants and Shlokas. We saw all the process for few minutes. When we were about to leave we met owner of the house and he started to talk to us. We exchanged ideas, thoughts, informations and so on.

We moved back to our hotel after this, had dinner and slept off.

More to come…Stay Happy


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