Sikkim & Bhutan – 10

We read so far, how white Gurudongmar Lake is ( when frozen) and how beautiful is to reach there in this post

Planning & Research Courtesy : Insignia

We started our return journey to Gangtok which was long but Mr. Dawa made it short for us. Tell me how?

Nope, he did not take any short routes as such. He kept asking us at regular interval if our batteries were down and need to be recharged. We talked a lot to Mr. Dawa in this stretch of the whole route as everybody got tired of sitting in a cab daily for almost 8 – 10 hours.

We had been blessed with a great group of people in our cab along with all the more awesome driver who not only drove the cab with such a mastery and class but also kept us engaging in the trip and talked to us almost in every way. It is noteworthy he has been a person of intelligence and wit who never shied to give us subtle sarcasm glued with humour.

We reached to Gangtok by evening and Mr. Dawa dropped every body to nearest possible point. We got own at Mall Road and checked in to same hotel we had three days back. The front desk person looked visible happy to see us.

It was great to see in this region that every body sings and dances, especially when they are alone. We heard many people singing happily while going about their daily chores. Air feels light and full of positive energy.

We prepared to go for Nathula next day and spent rest of our day strolling and checking out local market.


Keep  Watching, Keep Sharing, Stay Happy.

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