Sikkim & Bhutan – 15

Today we visited Druk Wangyal Chortens and other Thimpu attraction and headed to Paro

Planning & Research Courtesy : Insignia

Before leaving Thimpu for the day one last attraction was remaining to be seen which we saw on the way out. This place was Thimpu Chorten, where ceremonial atmosphere was there for few days because of Royal ritual and prayer being offered by masses.

Thimpu Chorten!

Thimpu Chorten!

After spending half of the day in and around Thimpu, we headed for Paro which is also nearest International Airport and gate way to Bhutan for many people choosing to come Bhutan by Air.

We took taxi to Paro and reached there by same day evening covering around an hour journey. Rest of the evening spent in checking in hotel, roaming around local market and watching practice session of National Game of Bhutan – Archery

National Game of Bhutan - Archery!

National Game of Bhutan – Archery!

Followed by visit to Rinpung Djong, Paro along side banks of Paro Chu.

Next day was big day because of Trek to Tiger Nest

but more about that in next post.

Keep Smiling, Stay Happy!

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