Cycling in Rajasthan



Hello Friends,

Its my pleasure to bring this opportunity for you to be part of cycling expedition in Rajasthan which will cover Jaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Sojat, Pali & Jodhpur Cities.

It will be roughly 600 kms expedition in normal to medium terrain with every day offering you rough look of desert and semi desert landscapes and nights would bring occasions to spend time with local villagers.

Day 1- Registration in Jaipur , Transfer to Ajmer in a AC Cab. Stay at Ajmer, Cycling in Ajmer for local destinations like Khwaja Monuddin Chishti Dargah etc.

Day 2 – Ajmer to Pushkar by Cycling, Explore Pushkar at Leisure

Day 3- Ajmer – Beawer by cycle. Beawer is a less known city which has a lot to offer to travellers. We will explore local markets, cuisines and people, of course.
Day 4- Beawer – Sojat by Cycle;
Day 5 – Sojat
Day 6 – Sojat

For two and half day Sojat will be loaded with visit to town and Mehandi Farms.
Day 7 – Sojat to Pali, by Cycling
Day 8 – Pali
Day 9 – Pali

two and half day in Pali will see is explored local temples, hillocks, villages, cuisines, markets all on cycles
Day 10 – Pali – Jodhpur
Day 11- Jodhpur
Day 12 – Jodhpur
Day 13- Jodhpur
Day 14 – Jodhpur

Jodhpur is well known as Sun City / Blue City  and we will explore the city from cyclist eyes.
Day 15 – End of Expedition in Jodhpur

If you want more information or wish to register for the event; please contact on

#Me & #Manali – Inception

This post started as “#ME & #Laddakh” but developed itself rather like “#ME & #Manali” and I had to change the title as well


It can never have a perfect start or end or enough of words when I write of #Laddakh because everything fall short for the #Laddakh. I run out of all tangible thing as I am flooded with………..this post would continue later…for now please keep on reading about #Manali

It started long back when I visited first ever time to Manali and when you are in #Manali you see every day some of groups leaving for Leh and some of them coming back. People talking about which mountain pass is open or not. There are road signs indicating just that. Whole atmosphere is like a transit camp, which is full of life and anticipation. Like any other transit camps, there are  unofficially defined zones for everything. Everything one might want to do to have fun and enjoyment, cafes, hostels, smoke zones, #hash-zones , grass/weed zones, some might like to argue that whole Manali is that only however it is largely divided in terms of type of people populating and hanging about that place e.g. Old Manali is den of foreign nationals and famously second home to Israeli people who come after their military service.

But I did not see any of it.

When I first visited #Manali, it was through the eyes of a cycling expedition and my exposure to real #Manali was as limited as it could be, however, I felt I needed to come back. As Soon As Possible.

First time ever, I was cycling in #Manali and visited all the places one supposed to be visited like #Hidimba Temple, #Manu Temple, #Vashishth #HotSpring, #Naggar Castle etc. and the highlight of whole time was not these place but the routes to go there which we covered by cycling.

Every day was marked with scenic beauty of #pine and air filled with fragrance of mountain flora and fauna. Body filled with strain of #cycling and #heart filled with #joy. It was a different experience and I did not know about it. I did not know I was not looking at Manali with a tourist point of view but a cyclist view.

In later years, I went Manali for different purposes and got chance explore the place from different angles and god it was fun every way I tried but most of all it was a relief from summer heat of northern Indian plains in lap of #Himalayas. While one can feel the transit every day. Transit because #Leh felt like home later and by road Manali to Leh highway is the one of three way to reach Leh.

Manali became and hopefully be my favourite transit camp. More about Manali some other day!