All the ways …

There are many way to do things … here I mean pay your tribute etc. etc. however this was one way I saw recently

There is a giveaway for who guesses it right!

Beginning … yet again…

55 fiction

It has been quite some time that this space has not seen any new post. There had been few attempts to revive it and it crashed each time. Though it is difficult to write when one’s mind is somewhere else though it could be said for many other forms of art where people or artists focus on their craft despite of all the odds and triumph. I might not an artist after all.

What happened with me? It is difficult to say because I am not sure if I ever considered it my Craft and myself a craftsman. It just come out as by product of my wandering. May that’s what it became – a by product- which stopped to happen once these efforts focused somewhere other direction.

Hope to write more often.