This page should be telling you about me. Essentially what, Let try something you might like to listen. Why do I say that, because I am not sure which part of me should I share here. Nevertheless here you go…..

What am I?

I am a person who sometimes just shoots off his place and wander without a goal or destination ( you can read this ) So a Wanderer, I have found my self in most unplanned places in awkward situations which includes Frozen in a waterbody 7 kms from Badrinath Temple at Altitude more then 11,000ft or Staring at the Gold plated dome of The Golden Temple at 7am in morning, or trying to get a glance of the tiger in scorching heat of June in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. All the wandering on the road along side Cubban Park in Bangalore. Thats all me.

There used to be a joke in family about what can I not read ( as far as I know the language) …Null Set. So a reader. I try to read without bias and so it includes strangest of the things.

I like to think when I am not speaking, which is most of the time probably. So thinker, which leads me to be an insomniac sometimes.

I write poems which you can read here : flowingagainsttime.blogspot.com

How can you contact?

if you like what you read, you can follow this page or the Facebook Page or both https://facebook.com/eenzwerver or you can write to eeenzwerver(at)gmail(dot)com

or you can leave a comment below with your email.

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