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Sun Light

Bright sun light, treading on harsher side but if you manage to look away in another direction while this sun light is falling on your skin, it make you feel better specially in winters like this, ok, only in winters like this or colder.

Beaches are famous for taking sun in and in EU, Americas and Australia its necessesiry to take sun while southeast asia its not much in fashion owing to availabliyy of sun round the year

What exactly do you feel when you do that? Taking Sun.

Do you feel sun light reaching in your body by penetrating in your skin pours?

As in you want to travel the world reaching to every nook and corner, noting and nowhere should be left virgin.

Is it continuous process? Like taking time off forever and keep travelling like a nomad.

or it like batch process? Like taking vacation every year for few months and ticking off one, two or more countries.

There are some people who follow a rule for their travelling, go to same destination every year. Is it like tanning only one’s arse and leaving behind whole rest of body because you like tanning your arse most ( not that you have tried any other part)

Share Sun is what we do, not that we have a choice. Hope we share mother earth’s love similarly, without hurting her so much.