Project EDU

This page is for the people who are committed to make a better world and want to bring in change for the same

Project EDU is an effort to provide common platform between people of different background, foreground, ethnicity, cultures, educations, ethos for mutual interaction, creating possibility of enrichment and value addition to all participants in the area of physical, mental, social, emotional & spiritual growth.

The people who participate, are being exposed to circumstances those are simple but unimaginable in some cases. Dealing with them every second of every hour with commitment, dedication, happiness, fulfilment, humility and without any sense of accomplishment but just satisfaction of being part of process which bring change to so many lives irrespective of their barrier of their social or economical class & strata etc.

The associate volunteers get to talk to people within different classes of Indian social system and put their effort to explain and bring them common ground of understanding for the objectives we have with the program. Let them ask as many questions as they might want, to collect their thoughts and scrutinise our intentions, efforts and possibilities of vast array of results which might turn around the way people interact and transact in their life at different levels of inequalities of age, gender, economic back ground, expression abilities.

It is imperative for the volunteers to be honest to themselves before committing to the cause because that is the only way of embarking on a mission of this nature. As their scope of engagement which includes, observing local cultural environment, people and come up with off beat ideas to facilitates learning for communication techniques which can instilled in the people. When it is being said people need to be educated in order to live more quality life, it has been often mistaken for just literacy and ability to read, write what one may be able to speak and understand. However it is not limited to it and education goes on to ability to communicate and express one self’s ideas to oneself and the people in a effective and understandable way which leads to bilateral communication and which is one of the objective of the project.

Please click here if you would like to know more.

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