Sikkim & Bhutan -4

You read that we have been reached back to Darjeeling after Toy Train “Joy Ride” You can read full post here

We deboarded the Joy Ride and walked back towards Mall Road, on the way we changed the course instead chose to walk to the St. Andrews Church. We captured many thing on the way like this IMG_2110 and this IMG_2107and this IMG_2105 Church is surrounded by green landscape not very large but gives it a good feeling being on a hill along with adds to its beauty in many way shown above.When we reached the church which is not very far from station it self. We came to know there had been a community feast going on though Church was not open and will be open next day. IMG_2100 IMG_2109 Embracing our luck with us we walked down back to Mall Road and came across a spot where a lot of people had gathered and looking at something in the sky. Inquisitive me got to know by by-stander that because of the earthquake a building had tilted and was now touching now adjacent one. It reminded me the how the train was shaking at the station when we got down at Ghoom station for some time, confirming about the earthquake, Later we got to know the magnanimity of the situation in Nepal. May the almighty give Nepal strength. We walked back to the hotel by this time as it had started to get dark. We went to same eatary we checked in last night for dinner and came back by 10 to rest and sleep.

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Sikkim & Bhutan -3

I have not been able to update you people live this time. However you will be able to check updates during coming up posts

You can read earlier post here

We reached to Darjeeling in last post had dinner and slept for first day. Next day we wanted to do famous train of Darjeeling and roam around the city. It was raining and mountains were covered in clouds but we were not the people who rain can stop. Armed with our rain gears we stepped out for rainy morning of Darjeeling. The moment we got out it was pleasant view to see local people to going by their business. We walked towards the Railway Station and saw this

IMG_2085 I got curious to know what people were heading into and I got to know there had been a religious public meeting which a lot of people were going to attend. I decided to go in that direction for later for following two reasons: a) I was already on the way to Toy train b) This was a lot of people ( crowd) which I am not a fan So we kept walking towards the railway station of Darjeeling. While watching people and their colourful umbrellas and queues of them in a humours way, we reached the station and enquired about the Toy Train. We got the tickets for trip starting in 20 minutes. Excited, we started observing the station and these are few things we could capture. IMG_2087 IMG_2099 IMG_2088 IMG_2096 In mean time the train arrived. While we were trying to figure out the coach number for us the TTE told us to board any one and take any seat as there won’t be many passengers. I marvelled on the size of the coaches, these are too small for people who see Indian Railway normal coaches (A, B, C, S & Gen Class ). I liked seats in the coaches and windows. Below you can have a look at the passenger and the coach. IMG_4394 The trip start from Darjeeling Station and takes you to through the city and move towards Ghoom Station which is seven kms away. On the way you find this Loop which is called Batasia Loop which is a beautiful garden place having a Martyr Memorial as well.

IMG_2090 We deboarded the “Joy Ride” train for a while and roamed around Ghoom Station , You can go and see the museum there. We chose not to see the museum and rather savour the atmosphere and the scenario. After 10 minutes we started journey back to Darjeeling in same train. To reach the Darjeeling back by afternoon.

Enjoy the post till this moment. I will post remaining day in next post.

Sikkim & Bhutan – 2

If you would like to read how all this started, please refer this post.

It has been hell of journey so far.

The flight was via Guwahati, hence we first landed in Guwahati which was succeeded by wait of almost 40 minutes.  Half an hour after the taking off from Guwahati we landed in Bagdogra. It’s an airforce station and civilians are not allowed to take any snaps.

Nevertheless we left the airport within 20 minutes of my landing as Insignia had already landed before me. As soon as you get out of airport building taxi drivers starts pestering you for hiring their taxi to go to Siliguri. We just avoided them because one can get bus on main road which is around 500 meters out of airport. However one taxi followed us and agreed on similar price as bus itself. We took this cab to Siliguri and reached bus stand.

Here our main test started as shared taxi drivers and touts don’t let you out of their sight even if you want to go by bus. That way Siliguri does not seem to any different tourist spot across India but touts are much more organised and even if you go to the ticket window, that guy there redirects you to touts

We avoided these touts and gathered that by that time (1730hrs) there was no bus to go Darjeeling.  We took a shared cab (Tata Sumo). They fit 10 passengers in it before starting. You can also hire whole cab for you. Although if you take shared taxi, keep in mind to sit in front or middle seats for obvious reasons.

Siliguri to Darjeeling is almost 2:30 hours to 03:00 hour drive because of hilly region. We got down near Mall Road and walked down. You easily can get decent room for 500-1000 bucks, of course there is no upper limit. We checked in a hotel and after putting our backpacks left for dinner to a near by restaurant. This place had nice ambiance and adequate menu along with bar. However If you are looking for varieties in dishes you can be disappointed. We were tired and wanted to take rest so finished light dinner and headed towards hotel.

Hotel where we had dinner!

Hotel where we had dinner!

To know about what we did in Darjeeling keep watching this place

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