Sikkim & Bhutan – 9

 After having a treat of all possible sorts ( gourmet, visual, travel ) reached Lachen in our last post here

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Next day we were supposed to leave the base early like 3 am as instructed by Mr. Dawa if we wanted to spend some time at Gurudongmar Lake. We were already on road ( whatever was there or was not there) when I gained my senses and I thought I was dreaming.

Snow fall started on the way to Gurudongmar and our trip started to become doubtful but

Viola! I was in for fun and I had to have it all. Like this…


We had to take a halt due to snow fall and there was this small shoppe where we took shelter and warmed ourselves at fire place made in centre of the shoppe. Above picture showing you road or way right outside the shoppe.


I was surprised to see these creature living life amidst this snow.


The Lake, one would just want to look at it for infinite time. The whole landscape is covered with snow but still its beauty is incomparable & unmatchable. There is a spot in lake where water never freezes and it said to be the sacred place.

We spent considerable time given it was chilling cold over there, paid a visit to the Gurudwara and the Monastery which has been made in same compound. Roamed around, there was so much reflection of light here due to white color that not having a pair of shades can be real nightmare for someone.

I went down to lake’s liquid part and spent few minutes there, felt like meditation.

We resume to be on roll but could not help to keep marvelling the beauty of the region


You see this right after Gurudongmar and its stark difference with all the snow we saw.

Keep watching this space for more

Visual Delights-5

This beauty is what I captured while returning from Zero point and going toward Lachen!

This beauty is what I captured while returning from Zero point and going toward Lachen!

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Sikkim & Bhutan -4

You read that we have been reached back to Darjeeling after Toy Train “Joy Ride” You can read full post here

We deboarded the Joy Ride and walked back towards Mall Road, on the way we changed the course instead chose to walk to the St. Andrews Church. We captured many thing on the way like this IMG_2110 and this IMG_2107and this IMG_2105 Church is surrounded by green landscape not very large but gives it a good feeling being on a hill along with adds to its beauty in many way shown above.When we reached the church which is not very far from station it self. We came to know there had been a community feast going on though Church was not open and will be open next day. IMG_2100 IMG_2109 Embracing our luck with us we walked down back to Mall Road and came across a spot where a lot of people had gathered and looking at something in the sky. Inquisitive me got to know by by-stander that because of the earthquake a building had tilted and was now touching now adjacent one. It reminded me the how the train was shaking at the station when we got down at Ghoom station for some time, confirming about the earthquake, Later we got to know the magnanimity of the situation in Nepal. May the almighty give Nepal strength. We walked back to the hotel by this time as it had started to get dark. We went to same eatary we checked in last night for dinner and came back by 10 to rest and sleep.

Next Day takes us to Gangtok, keep reading.

Planning & Research Courtesy: Insignia