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When we travel or not, nonetheless, there are days those are dear to us and we like to think about those days on the other hand there are some other days those are etched in our memory as a gash and we don’t like to about those days. These are quite clear classification and pretty much sorted. Then there comes the third one, the days we are not sure about, was it bad or good, I learn a word for such days, “weird”

These are the days when you start to feel really bad and something nice turns up and then when you start feel good and a turn and it keeps happening whole day one by one as if keeping the balance of the day. It is looking at one’s life in nutshell of one day’s time.


life as it goes by, from a window of train

It makes you feel funny as at the end of the day you can’t decide how to feel about the day and that’s where your personality type comes in play, that is, whether you are optimistic and celebrate life like it is a game and look at the glass half full or you are one pessimistic and concerns are more important to you compared to celebration and you are the one who look at glass half empty. It becomes important as that decides on these weird days that how and what mood you will take with you to bed.

Ultimately it is you who can make a conscious choice of being happy or sad or indifferent about something or may be everything, let alone a day!

Pizza & Backpackers!

How scared are you of being penniless?  how important is money for you as a traveller? Now a days web is ripe with stories of people who claim that “money is not necessary for travelling but the will power to do so” Do you think so? If one travels without money, how do you pay your meals? ( forget about flights) Don’t you have to think twice or hundred times to how would you go from point A to point B because only comfortable and convenient way is expensive? or is it okay to be dependent of mercy of people? What would you think of somebody doing the same? beggar? That’s not so nice I guess!!

In conversation with another backpacker it came out that he was being served a free pizza by known cafe of us and for some reason and he was damn happy about it. He could not stop grinning and I asked, him being a european, it was just a pizza! what’s the big deal man? And he came out emotionally, “You don’t know value of a free pizza for a backpacker of 1.5years”.

Intrigued, I was all ears and he obliged telling me, it is not as it looks like for every person from EU, in fact in many ways this is good time to be in South East Asia at large and India in particular. Cost of living, ratio of quality of life to cost of living, quality of people, society, food. Top of that who does not like a free pizza. 🙂 He kept going on and on for some time. We moved on after that ….

But the thought stuck to my mind and I come out here to ask you, what do you think?!


Delicious Pie I had at friends place in Finland, awesome people made a cheese pie along manny other for me!!

Visual Delights -2

Surreal North Sikkim!

Surreal North Sikkim!

Sikkim & Bhutan – 6

Friends, If you want to earlier post of this series please click here. Planning & Research Courtesy : Insignia

In morning we reached Taxi Stand around 10am and looked for the taxi number mentioned by the operator to us which we found in few minutes.

We handed our bangs to the driver who eventually shown them their place on the roof carrier of the cab. After talking to the operator for few minutes we took our seats and thankfully I got the seat in middle row. I hope by now you know how important your seat preference can be in mountains.

We had two more couples and one family of three ( parents along with daughter) to accompany us. Our two nights and three days of adventures ( due to roads), beautiful ( mountains, water falls and whatnot ), chilly, breathtaking journey of North Sikkim started with Mr. Dawa the driver, who later turned out one of most wonderful person we came across during whole journey.

On the way to North Sikkim from Gangtok

On the way to North Sikkim from Gangtok

I had no idea I was going to have one the most interesting, unexpected journey in these three day which despite of being tiring will turn out a life time experience which will change me personally, socially, spiritually and give my perspective a new angles to look upon. It will make me look my self and my loved one in a light I probably did not expect it to be.

With in some time of leaving from the taxi Stand and heading toward North Sikkim we came across few waterfalls though smaller ones and Dawa told us they are part of Gangtok and we could see them when come back, more over we will se lot more waterfalls on the way that we will be bored by the time we come back and, indeed, man was true to his words.

Water Fall on the way to North Sikkim from Gangtok

Water Fall on the way to North Sikkim from Gangtok

There many scenic waterfalls on the way to Lachen, which was our first night halt in North Sikkim and got its name from the tributary of Teesta river which is tributary of Brahmaputra river but interesting thing was Amitabh Bachchan water fall.

Yes, my friends, on the way to North Sikkim from Gangtok, there is this waterfall which is named after the iconic actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. This is one the many falls those come in your way however people has made it a point to stop at this point and enjoy some self made jokes or feel the awe of the actor himself to get a waterfall named after him.

The whole way is not so smooth and people who has mountain sickness problems should carry their medical kit with themselves as mandatory thing, more over remember to keep it with you and not in the bag which has been packed on the roof top of the cab to begin with,

The temperature hovered around 5 – 12 in day time but we did not feel any problem as we were already prepared for these things. `

Sikkim Sky

Sikkim Sky

After spending whole day on road with all the twists and turns, we reached Lachung for night halt. Evening was cool and we thought of having a stroll down the lane toward the bridge on the Lachung river. I spent almost an hour or so there with mother nature and made calm. We had dinner at the guest house after returning from the bridge and after discussing further itinerary head to sleep for next day.

A Welcome Gesture at the Hotel where we had our lunch on the way to Lachen

A Welcome Gesture at the Hotel where we had our lunch on the way to Lachen

To know more and see more picture of North Sikkim, Keep Reading.

When I thought of being with Colour Yellow! -2

You read so far …. I had started from my base from an unknown journey which later became journey to Amritsar, India.

To know how did it happened..Click here

I felt at ease with that noise, wheels rolled on the road of New Delhi leading bus towards outskirts of the city and started to look out to get be busy in not looking unpleasant interiors of the bus. Alas! there was nothing but a lot more unpleasant looking automobile. I tried to find if fellow passenger was interested in killing that time by a conversation and found he indeed was.

This fellow was a sales person with one of leading tyre manufacturer in India and was rather sure about tough life and sales people and sarcastic about easy life of all others. He also proved about India is highly political country and women does not has any right to do anything as they would like to apart from choose which brand of the spice should be used in food they are cooking. Period.

Training my mind in isolation and I started thinking to my self about what would be the morning like. I did not do any so-called home work for Amritsar and just knew couple of name to visit. Apart from the Golden Temple itself. I decided to leave it to morning and doze off my self.

Voice of auto rickshaw drivers, news paper hawkers wake me up in morning to beauty of the City of Golden Temple. Vary of auto drivers, I checked with fellow passenger about distance between Bus Stop and the temple which turned out to be  half of a kilo meter which is walkable for me. I rejoiced in mind for saving money on local transport. I picked up my duffel bag and de-boarded. Walking towards the temple I begin to feel what it is to be in Amritsar.

The atmosphere feel little different here, a lot of turban adorning men & women all around you announce the city culture and its majority population both. I had heard about the Punjabi City a lot along with Punjabi antics like size of the glass in which you get served beverages like lassi etc. and wanted to see by myself. Looking around my eyes were searching for famous food joints ( I am a foodie and can eat at any hour of the day & night) but being early morning every body was minding their own business and being ready for the day to come. Wandering like this I reached to the Golden Temple.

To know what happened next, keep reading!

Sikkim & Bhutan -3

I have not been able to update you people live this time. However you will be able to check updates during coming up posts

You can read earlier post here

We reached to Darjeeling in last post had dinner and slept for first day. Next day we wanted to do famous train of Darjeeling and roam around the city. It was raining and mountains were covered in clouds but we were not the people who rain can stop. Armed with our rain gears we stepped out for rainy morning of Darjeeling. The moment we got out it was pleasant view to see local people to going by their business. We walked towards the Railway Station and saw this

IMG_2085 I got curious to know what people were heading into and I got to know there had been a religious public meeting which a lot of people were going to attend. I decided to go in that direction for later for following two reasons: a) I was already on the way to Toy train b) This was a lot of people ( crowd) which I am not a fan So we kept walking towards the railway station of Darjeeling. While watching people and their colourful umbrellas and queues of them in a humours way, we reached the station and enquired about the Toy Train. We got the tickets for trip starting in 20 minutes. Excited, we started observing the station and these are few things we could capture. IMG_2087 IMG_2099 IMG_2088 IMG_2096 In mean time the train arrived. While we were trying to figure out the coach number for us the TTE told us to board any one and take any seat as there won’t be many passengers. I marvelled on the size of the coaches, these are too small for people who see Indian Railway normal coaches (A, B, C, S & Gen Class ). I liked seats in the coaches and windows. Below you can have a look at the passenger and the coach. IMG_4394 The trip start from Darjeeling Station and takes you to through the city and move towards Ghoom Station which is seven kms away. On the way you find this Loop which is called Batasia Loop which is a beautiful garden place having a Martyr Memorial as well.

IMG_2090 We deboarded the “Joy Ride” train for a while and roamed around Ghoom Station , You can go and see the museum there. We chose not to see the museum and rather savour the atmosphere and the scenario. After 10 minutes we started journey back to Darjeeling in same train. To reach the Darjeeling back by afternoon.

Enjoy the post till this moment. I will post remaining day in next post.

Sikkim & Bhutan – 2

If you would like to read how all this started, please refer this post.

It has been hell of journey so far.

The flight was via Guwahati, hence we first landed in Guwahati which was succeeded by wait of almost 40 minutes.  Half an hour after the taking off from Guwahati we landed in Bagdogra. It’s an airforce station and civilians are not allowed to take any snaps.

Nevertheless we left the airport within 20 minutes of my landing as Insignia had already landed before me. As soon as you get out of airport building taxi drivers starts pestering you for hiring their taxi to go to Siliguri. We just avoided them because one can get bus on main road which is around 500 meters out of airport. However one taxi followed us and agreed on similar price as bus itself. We took this cab to Siliguri and reached bus stand.

Here our main test started as shared taxi drivers and touts don’t let you out of their sight even if you want to go by bus. That way Siliguri does not seem to any different tourist spot across India but touts are much more organised and even if you go to the ticket window, that guy there redirects you to touts

We avoided these touts and gathered that by that time (1730hrs) there was no bus to go Darjeeling.  We took a shared cab (Tata Sumo). They fit 10 passengers in it before starting. You can also hire whole cab for you. Although if you take shared taxi, keep in mind to sit in front or middle seats for obvious reasons.

Siliguri to Darjeeling is almost 2:30 hours to 03:00 hour drive because of hilly region. We got down near Mall Road and walked down. You easily can get decent room for 500-1000 bucks, of course there is no upper limit. We checked in a hotel and after putting our backpacks left for dinner to a near by restaurant. This place had nice ambiance and adequate menu along with bar. However If you are looking for varieties in dishes you can be disappointed. We were tired and wanted to take rest so finished light dinner and headed towards hotel.

Hotel where we had dinner!

Hotel where we had dinner!

To know about what we did in Darjeeling keep watching this place

Planning & Research Courtesy : Insignia

My wanderings! – The Idea


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Hi Folks,

You are looking at the not so ambitious idea of mine when I think I need to be there. Yeah, you heard it right. I understand if some of you have started thinking already that i am crazy. Well, thats normal reaction. I feel I was born so that I can travel and just travel

I know it sounds insane to most of you but however i have started my journey. I have some time and lots of regions to cover. When I thought I want to travel, of course first question was where to start? and after not thinking too much I realised I have already started and cover many parts of my own country, that is, of course, India.

Second part was to know how to classify the world so i can feel I have really travelled this planet and after not looking so much I found this website called These guys has done a job in putting a lot of information together for people like me. However I see they efforts are limited for the regions called third world. Nevertheless its probably best attempt so far by any website I have come across.

I am walking…and coming to your area one day, believe it or not…but I will…definitely. Or may I have already pass by. You will know that by my post to come.

Till then keep smiling, keep living!